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Academic report on sufferings of

Serbs in Sarajevo

Between 1991 to 1995

Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Suffering of the Serbs in Sarajevo between 1991 and 1995
The considerable amount of work involved in producing the information reflected in this Report was accomplished by the highly dedicated collective of experts who dedicated a prodigious amount of time amassing and analyzing an immense volume of materials in order to accomplish their assigned task.


Although each individual member of the Commission has focused principally on that aspect of this Report closest to his expertise, the entire team of the Commission collectively assumes full responsibility and accountability for this Report in its entirety. The choice and collection of the materials needed for the writing of this Report, as well as the process of formulating the various versions and drafts, were all carried out in close consultation among all members of the Commission. 

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This is the comprehensive account that reflects the wartime sufferings of the Serbs in Sarajevo and the destruction of this historical community in totality.

There have been numerous studies of many aspects of the Civil War in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This inquiry seeks to make an important contribution to the knowledge about this conflict by shedding light on the many developments that occurred in Sarajevo during the war, which, while crucial, have nevertheless been neglected to date.

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