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Post-war exhumations of the Kazani killing site

Kazan pit and a view of the city of Sarajevo from the place where barbaric tortures and ritual beheadings were committed

Post-war exhumations of the Kazani killing site and mass graves in the Muslim-controlled part of Sarajevo. From this mass grave were exhumed citizens of Serb nationality who went missing during the war in this part of Sarajevo and certain politically ineligible citizens of other nationalities. Although the site was exhumed by the Muslim authorities in Sarajevo in late 1993, many victims who have been legally proven to have been tortured, killed, and exhumed are still listed as missing. As for many other victims, the authorities in Sarajevo have not yet given an answer as to where the bodies of these war crimes victims are. Out of a total of about 3000 victims and 800 missing Serbs, about 260 are still missing in this part of Sarajevo.